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PCS International

pcsinternationalIT Support, Business Consulting,
and Cloud Hosting

Ron Searle
1608 W Colonial Parkway
Inverness, IL 60067
Phone: 847-348-3900 x320
Fax: 847-963-9106

PCS International is a 30 year old full service IT Support and Business Consulting firm providing technology solution services based on your business needs.

Whether you need occasional IT Support or a fully Managed IT Support solution, we can help.

We can also help you in the selection and purchase of hardware, software licensing, provide set up and installation, security, networking, training, maintenance, and all phases of the life-cycle of your systems. It’s not enough to just offer competitive pricing or today’s technology, you must listen to the business heartbeat of the customer in order to be responsive, proactive and exceed expectations. We regularly meet with clients and can provide you with sound advice based on your business needs.

Additionally, PCS Cloud Solutions (a PCS International company) provides Web and Database Programming, and all your Cloud Hosting needs. Example Cloud solutions are Web hosting, Email hosting, Secure Offsite Cloud Backup, Cloud file sharing, Domain management services, Cloud based Antispam, Cloud based antivirus, and more.

Savings Consulting Group (a PCS International company) provides business consulting for expense reduction. We specialize in helping small business owners control their technology and other expenses. THERE IS NO FEE until AFTER you have realized the savings.

With a staff of almost 20, you can always get in touch with us. Can you say that about your current provider? Are they there when you need them? We will be!