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mahogany logonameInterior Remodeling and Consultation

P. Matt Lederer
Matt Lederer
Founder & CEO
3823 N. Southport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: (773) 755-0055

In 2002 Matt Lederer set out to do a home remodeling project and quickly learned that finding the right contractor was anything but simple. Instead of accepting the status quo, Lederer created his own team to finish the renovation project. The experience caused him to realize that there is a need for reliable customer service in the home remodeling industry. Based on the success of his personal renovation project, Lederer began Mahogany Builders, a custom renovation company. The company was founded on the principal of empowering customers by offering clear yet detailed estimates, charted progress reports, and building solutions that are both creative and cost effective.

The Mahogany business model has met with great success and the company is filling an important niche in the upscale remodeling market. There are plenty of contractors who can provide quality for a price, but it is rare to find a contractor who will become partners with the homeowner. Using creative solutions and straightforward pricing, Mahogany Builders is changing the way that people see home renovation one project at a time.


Bereavement Couselor- Heartlight, Children’s Memorial Hospital

The mission of Heartlight, the bereavement program at Children’s Memorial Hospital, is to provide a safe place for families coping with the serious illness or death of a child to find hope, strength, and healing. Heartlight is non-denominational and is open to all families. There are no fees for programs or services.

Heartlight administers educational programs for families, staff, volunteers, or anyone in the community; hosts memorial services, picnics and candlelighting ceremonies; and conducts support groups for bereaved parents and siblings in English and Spanish. Heartlight support groups provide a safe environment for families to come together and facilitate strength, hope and healing.

Building Hope, a program to benefit Children’s Memorial Hospital

Mahogany Builders founded Building Hope to support Heartlight and its mission. Each time MB completes a kitchen or bathroom remodel a portion of the final invoice is donated to Heartlight in the client’s name. It’s a way for Mahogany Builders to give back and a reminder of the things in life that are truly important. And maybe, just maybe it will inspire other companies and individuals to get involve and give back.