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E Group Partners, Inc.

PrintBusiness Consulting/Coaching
for Entrepreneurial Business

Michael Shapiro
721 Sherman Avenue, Suite 1
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone:  847-691-9536


I work with entrepreneurs and their businesses to help them discover their “blind spots” and get “unstuck”. My focus is on organizational structure, leadership and management styles and communication. My core belief is that knowing how to develop “human capital” is a key success factor for any business—be it a sole practitioner or employer—businesses succeed or fail based on the ability to authentically communicate with others—clients, employees, vendors. or colleagues.

In addition to my consulting work, I facilitate a peer support group for entrepreneurs that provides an opportunity to set goals and be accountable for achieving them as well as have a group of objective, unbiased peers available to provide feedback on the many problems that entrepreneurs face daily. The group meets monthly and membership includes one individual coaching session per month.

I also work with individuals experiencing difficulty with a “power” relationship—boss, business partner, colleague, or employee. Together we’ll develop a strategy to deal with the issues that may adversely effect their career.

Individuals on the verge of starting a business or solo practitioners who need some help with the “business” aspects of their business are another category of client I work with.

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