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Downsize with Purpose (DWP)

DWP_LogoProject Management for Personal Downsizing – With a Twist of Green!

Candy Sullivan
1057 W. North Shore Ave.
Suite #1F
Chicago, IL 60626
Phone: 773-878-1699

DWP makes the daunting task of personal downsizing easy for our clients while generating cash for many of their things and sending what cannot be sold to a productive afterlife through recycling, repurposing, and reuse, either by donating items to charities that use household items and clothing or finding new ways to use things for the clients themselves. DWP acts a a project manager for the complete downsizing experience, developing a personalized work plan that incorporates the clients’ time frames, how much work they want to do themselves, how much “stuff” they have, charitable preferences, family considerations, and any other circumstances that would impact the downsizing project. Plus DWP handles the disposal of everything the client wants to get rid of, arranging for recycling, donations, and hauling, always with an eye toward minimizing what goes to a landfill.


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